Microsoft's Walkie Talkie app is now available for everyone

Microsoft's Walkie Talkie app is now available for everyone

Microsoft has been using an app called Walkie Talkie to communicate with employees at its organization.

Now Microsoft has released a walkie-talkie app for iOS and Zebra's handheld computers that works just like a wireless walkie-talkie in which you can talk to one another at the push of a button. This is how a smartphone works like a walkie-talkie.

The two-year-old walkie-talkie app was first introduced on Android phones and operating systems, and has since been introduced on iPhone, iPad and Zebra devices.

Although not available on the Play Store for iOS, it can also be downloaded for Android smartphones from Microsoft's Team App website.

Microsoft has developed a very popular walkie-talkie app called Customer Service and Talk to Employees in Customer Service and other crowded places. 

However, you have to open the app in WhatsApp and record the voice, which takes time. The walkie-talkie app, on the other hand, has proven to be a great source of instant and short communication.

Walkie talkies are now being used in other organizations as well.


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