Kashmala Tariq dancing at her wedding ceremony goes viral


Kashmala Tariq dancing at her wedding ceremony goes viral

Video of Kashmala Tariq's dance at her second wedding ceremony went viral on social media, Kashmala Tariq's dance at her wedding went viral on social media. In the video, it can be seen that she is dancing with some women. According to private TV, last week there was a music ceremony at the wedding of Kashmala Tariq and businessman Waqas Khan in which Kashmala Tariq also danced.

Kashmala Tariq Second Husband

Leading Pakistani politician Kashmala Tariq has married businessman Waqas Khan
The groom Waqas Khan is already married and the father of a young son. Sources said that the two had known each other for many years, who are now married, the marriage ceremony was performed very simply, the wedding ceremony was performed very simply and very close relatives was invited.

Kashmala Tariq Wedding

Kashmala Tariq Wedding Card

The two have celebrated their honeymoon in Europe, and it has been reported that there will be a formal wedding in late October to which close friends will be invited. The well-known businessman also owns a well-known hotel on Murree Road. Earlier, Kashmala Tariq was married to Tariq Rashid, a Pakistani national living in Canada, who is a member of the CPA. She has a son also his name is Azlan Khan

Kashmala Tariq on her wedding

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