Mere Pass Tum Ho Actress Got Engaged


Mere Pass Tum Ho Actress Got Engaged

Actress and model Rehmat Ajmal's engagement took place in a simple ceremony.
Rehmat Ajmal, who played the role of Ayesha in 'Mere Pass Tum Ho', got engaged to Tayyab in a simple ceremony in Lahore .Only family members and close friends attended the engagement ceremony.

Rehmat Ajmal, the youngest of three sisters, graduated from the National College of Arts in Lahore in 2018 with a degree in textile designing, after which he topped the department.

It was during her education that one of her teachers attracted her to modeling, and from there she stepped into the dazzling world of modeling and appeared in many brands, and Rehmat Ajmal had already done international projects before completing her education. ۔

Apart from modeling, she has also started showing her talent in acting. She has acted in two videos of musician Ali Sethi and played the role of Ayesha in the blockbuster drama (Mere Paas Tum Ho)

Rehmat Ajaml With Relatives

Rehmat Ajaml With Finance Tayyab

Rehmat Ajmal

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