Bollywood Female Celebrities who married to younger Men

Popular Women Who Married Much Younger Men, inexactly positioned by fame and reputation. It has been typical for well known men to wed more youthful ladies for a considerable length of time; however there are a couple of acclaimed females who chose to marry more youthful men. Some of these ladies could be considered cougars, while others appear to be dependent on marriage.
Age, they say, is simply a number and these B-town couples demonstrate the maxim right. Here are some situations where Bollywood cute actresses fell head over heels in adoration with more youthful men.

                                   Adhuna Bhaban six years older than Farhan

                                         Amrita Singh 10 years older than Saif

                                                    Archana  seven years older than parmeet 

                                               Ash is two years older than Abhishek

                                             Farah Khan eight years older than Shirish

                                            Manisha seven years older than Samrat Dahal

                                       Mehr Jessia 2 years older than Arjun Rampal

                                           Mahesh Babu two years older than Namrata 

                                           Shilpa is three months older than Raj Kundra

                                                    Nargis one year older than Sunil Dutt

                                            Aditya six years younger than Zarina
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