Indian actress announces to leave showbiz to follow God's path

Sana Khan

Indian actress Sana Khan announced her quitting showbiz on her social media account. She started her post on Instagram with Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rehman and addressing all the people said brothers and sisters! Today I am talking to you about a turning point in my life. I have been living a showbiz life for a long time and during that time I got all kinds of fame, honor and wealth from my loved ones for which I am grateful to them, but for a few days now this feeling has been taking over Is the purpose of man's coming into the world just to gain wealth and fame?

Sana Khan said, "Doesn't he have a duty to spend his life in the service of those who are helpless and helpless?" Shouldn't man think that he can die at any time? And what will happen to him after death? I have been searching for answers to these two questions for a long time, especially the second question, what will happen to me after death?

Sana Khan

When I searched for the answer to this question in my religion, I found out that this life of the world is actually to improve the life after death and it will be better only if the servant lives according to the order of his Creator. Live, and don't make wealth and fame your goal; Rather, he should avoid sinful life and serve humanity, and follow the ways of his Creator.

That is why I am announcing today that from today I am determined to leave the life of my showbiz (film industry) and serve humanity and follow the orders of my Creator. All brothers and sisters are requested to pray for me that Allah may accept my prayers, and grant me the ability to live according to my future determination, ie the order of my Creator, and to serve humanity and persevere in it. Good luck.

Finally, I request all the brothers and sisters to never invite me to any showbiz job in the future. Thank you very much. Sana Khan

Sana Khan Instagram

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