The Bhatt Celebrations

The night of 20th September was not an ordinary one, when the veteran Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt turned 67 years old. He was given a surprise family birthday party by his lovely daughters at their juhu house. The two prominent Bhatts of Bollywood (who can forget Aliya Bhatt coming to talk of Bhatt family), were found enjoying and Aliya enchanting the Dad’s day to make it a memorable one.

Shaheen, Pooja and Sonia Razdan were also a part of the surprise and played the best part they could play to show their love to their legendary father.

There was a pretty casual kind of a photo shoot at the party which included poser pictures of Aliya Bhatt with funny yet sweet expressions with Daddy just to capture the awesomeness of that moment.

One of the leading artists of Bollywood and a great old friend of Mahesh Bhatt , Mr. Anupam Kher had been spotted too at his dearest co-worker’s private party. He also wished him on his insta account.

Aliya gifted her father, a painting of him, sketched by a Pakistani artist Mohammad Sayeed Ghani who claimed to make it over a single night to show his love and respect for Bhatt the senior one.

The emotional yet the cutest moment of the night was Aliya feeding Mahesh the most favorite dish of Bhatt family. Its none other than  ‘Alu Fry’ ofcourse. The gratitude from Aliya and her sisters towards their father was quite evident from their efforts.

We wish the lucky Dad a very happy birthday too !

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