Aishwarya Rai Bachchan blamed of racism

An Indian jewellery promotion highlighting top Bollywood on-screen character Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been withdrawn after feedback that it was Racist and promotes child slavery. A gathering of activists composed a public statement to Bollywood Diva, calling the promotion 'extremely hateful'
The letter understands, "We are completely aware that yours is advertisement promotion jewellery through creating a fantasy and not a representation of reality.  Promotions and visuals are a basic piece of our socio-social mental environment and these biological communities can either help make conditions in our brain that will cultivate positive social change or conflict with it.
All in all, in this setting, what is the social change we need? One, racism is a worldwide reality, and we have to battle it.  However child work in numerous indusrty is unlawful in India, it is still uncontrolled and we all need to cooperate to change this".
In the wake of confronting backfire from the peoples Aishwarya's marketing expert reacted to the feedback and said that the last design of the notice was chosen by the imaginative group of the brand.
The jewellery company Klayan Jewelers has now apologized for harming the sentiments of peoples and has started the process to withdraw the campaign.

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